GTI Hydraulic Downhole Tractor


The GTI Hydraulic Downhole Tractor is the most powerful ever conceived. Specifically designed for coiled tubing deployment, it utilises an advanced hydraulic power delivery system and revolutionary means of traction to propel the heaviest payloads further into and out of highly deviated and horizontal wellbores than previously possible.

The tractor combines a number of innovative engineering concepts, including an innovative hydraulic motor and drive that delivers balanced and maximised power to the wellbore though direct engagement, yet will pass upper completion restrictions.

Surface controlled systems to control both speed and tractor direction control enable well logging in both directions. It is able to cope with high deviations and horizontal wellbores and with sweet, sour and HP/HT well conditions. This ‘reverse gear’ feature enables the operator to reverse the tractor direction on demand from surface to re-log any desired wellbore section in real time, at a speed that is also surface controlled by the operator and is repeatable as many times as required during a single well intervention trip. Drop balls or darts are not required for actuation.

GTI Hydraulic Downhole Tractor

The GTI Hydraulic Downhole Tractor incorporates the unique concept of power linking twin connected contra-rotating hydraulic motors to deliver balanced drive to the wellbore, though direct wellbore engagement using expanding drives which fully collapse into the tractor body to pass upper completion restrictions.


For details of relevant patents, please follow the links below:

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Business Options

As a 'concept to manufacture' company, GTI is willing to work with service companies etc. on the development of this tractor.

Please contact us for further details.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Surface controlled bi-directional consistent motion control
Benefit: Surface direction control enables the operator at surface to stop and reverse tractor direction under power as many times as required, providing high quality logging data.

Feature: Surface controlled variable speed in both directions
Benefit: Able to power payloads into and out of the wellbore and able to keep up with the fastest new generation of coiled tubing injectors enabling a faster intervention process.

Feature: Exceptional wellbore traction capability
Benefit: Unrivalled traction against the wellbore negates wheel spin and ‘jerking’ providing improved log results and able to convey heavy logging tools in direct contact with the open hole wellbore at a consistent speed.

Feature: Extended reach capability
Benefit: Able to access Total Depth in extended reach wells with high deviations, inclines and in the horizontal beyond the range current intervention distances.

Feature: Designed to apply balanced traction to the wellbore
Benefit: Designed to avoid tractor torque being transmitted to the wellbore torque avoiding coiled tubing twist and cable failure.

Feature: Surface set high and low speed gearing capability
Benefit: Gearing can be set for different tasks and accordingly can be used for high speed lightweight payload conveyance or Heavy Duty low speed/high power delivery for heavy weight interventions and well construction activities.

Feature: Designed for operation in harsh well environments including H2S, CO2, HP/HT
Benefit: Can be used in environments which would normally cause electrical motor powered tractors to fail.

Feature: Improved well intervention times
Benefit: Does not need to stop for tractor electric motor cool down and will not suffer from electrical motor burnout. Able to exceed 150 ft. per minute in high gear.

Feature: Improved depth resolution
Benefit: Bi-directional operation with improved depth resolution enables the operator to accurately ‘tag’ wellbore depth points in real time saving potentially saving further well interventions as would be the case with a conventional logging run using surface overpull.

Feature: Does not use electrical motive
Benefit: Provides improved log definition by eliminating EMF ‘spikes’ and interference.

Feature: Capable of conveying power and signal data to electrical and electronic payloads and hydraulic flow to hydraulically operated or hydraulically set downhole devices
Benefit: May be used in extended reach coiled tubing well interventions for both well logging purposes and to set hydraulically powered devices at extended depth with improved depth resolution.

Feature: Designed with small, easily dropped or lost parts kept to a minimum
Benefit: Reduced incidence of lost parts during field redress and consequent time delays.