Modern Well Construction Design Challenge – completing an extended lateral well

Modern drilling technology has enabled the development of long horizontal wellbores which often exceed 20,000 ft in the horizontal. Conventional well intervention systems are limited in their intervention distance in these wells. As it is injected from surface rather than relying on gravity, coiled tubing provides better well intervention distances than wireline, but again is limited to around 12,000ft in the horizontal, the problem being that coil tubing has a tendency to 'coil' or 'bunch' where the coil tubing acts like a coil spring and contracts rather than move further into the wellbore until it effective 'locks up' and will go no further.

GTI's answer to this problem is to use a new low geared high traction downhole tractor to pull the coil tubing straight, so that the combined pull of the tractor and push from surface injection allow the coil tubing to progress further into the wellbore.

The GTI downhole tractor is designed to convey heavier payloads, further and faster than conventional downhole tractors into cased and open hole wells under complete surface control with the advantage of bi-directional drive and automated proportional power control and delivery.

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